The holiday region Pieria has countless orchards, forests, fields and beaches. Follow the tracks of Apostle Paul or Alexander the Great, who set off from here to his campaigns of conquest – wherever you look, you will find present traces of the past.

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Visit the mountain villages with their unique architecture. Picturesque hiking routes at Mount Olympus and several sporting challanges are awaiting you.

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Close to Alkyóna Beach, there are numerous excursion destinations well worth seeing: Churches and monasteries play a major role in everyday life and visitors are welcome.

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Culinary diversity

The wine growing here is one of the best in Europe and the regional vineyards are popular destinations. From mid-October on, schnapps is being distilled in small huts.

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10 reasons to visit Greece

  • The summer

    The Greek summer truly deserves its name. Between April and October, you will enjoy sunny days and great temperatures – a must for sun seekers!

  • The culture

    The Greek culture is unique. Experience traditional theatre, architecture and music in nearly every corner of the country.

  • The people

    The Greeks are truly kind and hospitable people. They love their role as hosts – and you will experience this first hand.

  • The sea

    Swimming! Sea! Beaches! Water rats will discover countless beautiful spots along the Mediterranean Sea. Lay in the white sand and swim in the cool water.

  • The food

    The Hellenes have a lot to offer. Their culinary expertise exceeds far beyond Gyros – which, to be honest, you also shouldn’t miss.

  • The wine

    Greek wine really is worth a recommendation. Visit the winemakers at their vineyards and enjoy their products. Natural, personal, tasty!

  • Ancient history

    Whoever visits Greece will come along the leftovers of ancient times. Traces of the past centuries are still present all over the country.

  • The mythology

    The Greek mythology offers some crazy stories! Give it a try and read some of them – you will fall in love with the characters, stories, tragedies and wonders.

  • The evening hours

    The evening hours are perfect to go outside. Spend your evening on a cozy terrace and enjoy the mild temperatures far into the night.

  • The language

    Have you ever heard two Greeks negotiate on the market? You will immediately fall in love with the language – without understanding a word. Emotional, bright, vivid.