The events of the passed months have led us to reevaluate our professional and life situation. Where I work has become less important. Encounters with other people have gained significance. This winter, we want to invite you to a very special long-term stay in Greece.

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Leisure Activities and Services

Monasteries of Meteora


Explore the Monasteries of Meteora, take a bath in the thermal springs of Pozar or make a trip to Athens – there is much to do in the Greek winter. Flamingos are visiting our beach almost on a daily basis and thanks to the great weather you can take sunny walks along the shore.



In Katerini there is an extensive wellness offer ranging von massages to hand and food care. All services can be booked at the holiday village. Of course it is much nicer to go to the hairdresser, have a Greek coffee and a nice chat with the employees before getting your hair cut.

Wheelchair user on vacation

Safe and Carefree

We are offering all our care and nursing services during the winter season, too. Upon request, medical care will be provided on site. Dr. Florian Schlereth is available for regular examinations if necessary. He is a specialist for internal medicine, endocrinology and diabetology.

Vegetables at the weekly market


Once a week, we go shopping together. At the supermarket, you can buy everything you need from food to hygiene products. Furthermore, it is possible to buy fresh groceries at the numerous weekly markets. Many local producers offer their goods – it is really worth a visit!

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Your Hideaway at the Sea

At Alkóna Beach you enjoy then wonderful environment, a variety of activities, good company and much more sunlight than in Northern Europe. Even during another lockdown, you are surrounded by nature and life. There is fast internet so that you can work and stay in contact with the rest of the world. Of course we hope to spend the winter season without any restrictions nonetheless.

Mild Temperatures and Authentic Experiences

A winter journey to Greece has its very special appeal. The nights are rather cold, but in the daytime temperatures reach up to 20 °C. You will spend a lot of time outside.

Furthermore, the winter season is perfect for authentic experiences with the country and its people. There are few tourists, no overcrowded restaurants or loud beach parties. Meet the locals and get to know the daily life during your long-term stay in Greece.

Countless Possibilities

We are distilling Tsipouro in late autumn, take part in wine tastings, hike Mount Olympus and visit concerts and museums. There are countless ways to spend a diversified winter vacation in Greece! Together we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve and enjoy cozy evenings at the campfire.

In addition to that, you can participate in the everyday life: Let us cook together, work in the garden, take care of the donkeys and be creative. Participate in yoga classes and water gymnastics in the heated pool of Villa Sevasti. Physiotherapists, masseurs, beauticians and hairdressers offer their services at the beach. That way we stay healthy, fit and beautiful.

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