Yes, you have read correctly – working holiday. Not a holiday from working but for working. Because who says that an office is the best working space? Grab your laptop and sit down beneath the shady pergola. Much better. Maybe a refreshing iced coffee or a (non-alcoholic) cocktail? The beautiful sea view and the sound of the waves calm you down. No noise, no distraction. You stay focused. And whenever you need a break, just take a swim in the sea. A little exercise might be the right thing just now. Nowhere else you will work as productively as on your working holiday.

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Perfect for your Working Holiday

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Are you more of a beach, a terrace or an orchard type? You will have free wifi all over the beach area. Choose your working space just as the fancy takes you.

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At home, you get back from work and lay down on the couch. Here, you will make something of your leisure time. After all, you do not want to miss out on the holiday feeling.

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Long-term Stay

In the off-peak season, from November to March, we are offering discounted long-term stays for working holidays. During this period, sunny 20 °C are common.

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Leisure Activities

A night at Mount Olympus

Discover the picturesque region by foot and sleep in one of the quaint hiking lodges – dinner and breakfast all inclusive.

27,00 € per person

Exploring the mountain villages

Many small villages on Mount Olympus can be visited: Paläo, Panteleimonas, Pori, Paläo Skotina, Livadi, and more.



Duration: 6-8 hours – discover nature and take this sporting challenge. The equipment required will be provided.

47,00 € per person

Climbing Mount Olympus

Discover nature and take this sporting challenge. The equipment required will be provided.

17,00 € per person

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