Alkyóna Beach is a place for self-realization. Here you will live in a cosy holiday house away from civilization. The azure water, the calm noise of the waves and the clear blue sky let you forget everything around you. Being deeply relaxed, you work focussed. There is no disturbance, no distraction, no pressure. But many beautiful retreats for artists, drawing motifs and spots to make music. We offer ideal conditions for a creative holiday in Greece. And whenever you need a break, go out and discover the Greek culture, meet lovely people and eat traditional dishes to get inspired.

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Perfect for Your Creative Holiday

Crab by the sea


Alkyóna Beach is a place of calm. The area offers a versatile flora and fauna as well as numerous retreats for artists. It is the perfect place for a creative holiday in Greece.
Monastery ruin


The Olympus Riviera in Northern Greece is located away from popular tourist destinations. There are beautiful vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye can reach.

Crystal clear water


Discover the mountain lakes at Mount Olympus, picturesque monasteries and explore remote villages with unique architecture. The region has a lot to offer!

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Inspiring Places


45 minutes by car – A museum and archeological site, combinable with taking a bath in a waterfall.

6 € per person

Monastery of Efraim

Kontariotissa – Visit the most beautiful nunnery of this region!



Walking along the coast, you will get to Pydna. Here you can visit the port of Alexander the Great, from where also Apostle Paul sailed to Athens.



In no more than 15 minutes by car, you will get to Paralia. This tourist town has a well frequented beach, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.


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Alkyóna Beach is located at the Olympus Riviera, surrounded by beautiful nature reserves and bird sanctuaries.

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Hiking beautiful trails and canyoning at Mount Olympus are just two out of many great things you can do here.

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The local wines are among the top ones in Europe. We regularly visit regional vineyards and enjoy traditional Greek dishes.

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