The same way that Flipper the dolphin moves our heart our animals will do with­out even getting wet! At Alkyóna Beach, you live among cats and dogs as well as five donkeys. Though we do not offer pet therapy yet, the way these little beings greet us and enjoy a loving stroke surely sparks joy in each and every­one of us. Spend an un­forgettable holiday with animals at the beach!

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Donkey at Alkyóna Beach

A Heart For Animals

All our pets were strays, found on the streets or taken in from poor keeping. Every year, we temporarily give shelter to little kittens and puppies, feed them up and look for a new home. All animals are vaccinated, de­wormed, de­fleaed and tenderly taken care of.

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Our Dogs

Dog Paula


Paula is a Greek sheep­dog mongrel living here since 2017. We found her during a marathon in a neighbouring village. There, she strayed between the people and hopped right into our car when called. Paula is patient, kind and vigilant. She loves our guests, young and old, and enjoys a good belly rub.

Dog Lisa


Foti found Lisa and her three puppies on a country road. She was very shy, abused and starved but recovered quickly and became trusting again. Lisa loves to cuddle and is quite happy when she can join our guests during rainy days and storms. Her puppies are living with loving families in Germany now.

Dog Mette


We found our small kokoni girl in a field and did not hesitate to take her in. She watches over us and all other animals: No foreign dog dares to come near the cats or donkeys. She loves to be surrounded and caressed by children. Oh, how much poor little Mette misses them during the winter period…

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Our Cats

John­boy, Lilli and her son Camillo always stick around and like to take walks to­gether with the dogs. Living here since 2017, they are an integral part of Alkóna Beach. Maria, Mia and Smokey on the other hand lead a rather with­drawn life. They prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle but are no less cuddly then their conspecifics.

Cat Johnboy


Cat Lilli


Cat Camillo


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Our Donkeys

How often does one spent a holiday with donkeys at the beach? We got Marinella, Kanela and Meli in December 2020. Two of the three ladies were pregnant at that time and have now given birth to their off­spring. They used to live with an old man on Chalkidiki who was no longer able to care for them. The three ladies and their sons are typical miniature mediterranean donkeys – brown and with a mealy muzzle. They get older than 30 years reaching adult­hood when they turn six.

Since their stomach is adjusted to living in rocky deserts they become ill eating too much fruit and vegetables. For that reason, it is strictly for­bidden to feed them! Luckily, you can show your affection in different ways – for example by caressing them or brushing their fur. It is just lovely to watch them rolling in the sand after­wards.

Donkey Marinella


Marinella is the mother of Marco who has been born in March 2021. She is trusting and loves to walk across the beach area with us.

Donkey Marco


Little Marco is full of energy. He loves to rund around and cavort in the stable. It is not always easy for mother Marinella to keep up…

Donkey Kanela

Kanela (Cinnamon)

Kanela will got her second child in July 2021. She is cautious but loves to cuddle. Together with Meli and Fiwo she enjoys hopping around.

Donkey Meli

Meli (Honey)

Meli is the daughter of Kanela. Being a young animal, she is of course still full of mischief and wants to have all the the strokes for her­self.

Donkey Fiwo


Fiwo is our youngest donkey and was born in July 2021. Him, mother Kanela and his sister Meli are inseparable.

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Our Goats

Goat Bärbel


Goat Barbara


Goat Beethoven


Goat Moritz


Goat Willi


Goat Selma


Goat Louise


Goat Max