Have you ever dreamed about living right at the beach? Not in a large hotel at the heart of a tourist region, but rather a calm and peaceful place with no distraction whatsoever? Alkyóna Beach is just that. Named after the kingfisher, a brightly colored bird that lives here, the 35,000m² camp is a great destination for nature enthusiasts, families and friends as well as for travel groups.

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Our holiday village is located close to the ancient city of Pydna, the port city of Alexander the Great. On his second journey through Greece, Apostel Paul influenced the region signficantly.

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The beach area offers vast meadows, two freshwater lakes and an idyllic orchard. Sweet figs and other kinds of juicy fruits grow here. Just the right snack when enjoying the beautiful weather!

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The turquoise water of the shallow sea and the white sand create a beautiful setting which is simply stunning. Listen to the sounds of nature without noise and enjoy a relaxed and stressless holiday.

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We, as owners of the holiday village at the beach, take our responsibility for this special place very seriously: We feel obliged to protect the unique environment with its versatile flora and fauna.

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Leave a footprint

There are countless ways to relax – one does not always want to be lazing around. If you are tired of sunbathing and swallowing sea water, you might want to roll up your sleeves. Get up, plant flowers, create a new cocktail recipe, or race through the orchard on a lawn mower. Have some fun! There are numerous ways to participate in the life at Alkyóna Beach. Here, you are not just a guest. You are welcome to leave a footprint.

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Pets and Animals

The same way that Flipper the dolphin moves our heart our animals will do with­out even getting wet! At Alkyóna Beach, you live among cats and dogs as well as five donkeys. Though we do not offer pet therapy yet, the way these little beings greet us and enjoy a loving stroke surely sparks joy in each and every­one of us. Spend an un­forgettable holiday with animals at the beach!

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Our holiday village at the beach is surrounded by nature reserves and bird sanctuaries, making it a popular venue for the local fauna. Hobby ornithologists can observe kingfishers, pelicans and flamingos at the beach. The two freshwater lakes are home for several turtles. But beware – if you are approaching them too quickly, they dive right into the water before you will be able to take a closer look at them.

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