Alkyóna Beach is located at the prefecture of Pieria on the Olympus Riviera, surrounded by beautiful nature reserves. Mount Olympus is jutting out of the azure water of the Aegean Sea. The region offers countless appealing excursion possibilities into nature, culture and ancient times.

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Alkyóna Beach is located close to the ancient city of Pydna, the port city of Alexander the Great. On his second journey through Greece, Apostel Paul influenced this region signficantly.

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The former owner of this area used to run a fish farm and took care of the beautiful orchard. After that, it was uninhabited for several years and nature reclaimed its space.

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This beach is irresistible to our guests due to the turquoise water and white sand. Listen to the sounds of nature without acoustic irradiation and enjoy a stressless holiday.

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We, the actual owners, take our responsibility for this special peace of land very seriously: We feel obliged to protect this unique environment with all its flora and fauna.

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The birth of a holiday village

In 2015, we bought the beach area with its plants, trees and animals, as well as a fisherman’s house. The idea was to create a tented camp for youth groups: There is plenty of room, places of withdrawal, a calm beach and no neighbors that might be disturbed by group activities.

The following winter, we decided to create something individual for our guests. No artificial hotel setting, no mediterran concrete kitsch, but lovingly designed architecture using natural high-quality construction materials.

So we’ve built the bunk house – a simple but comfortable accommodation for youth groups. The panorama house was a dream of ours coming true: A low-energy building in the form of Socrates’ solar house. The boathouse, which was made of an old fishing boat, buildings for showers and toilets, as well as a bistro with changing rooms and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom followed right after.