Wheelchair user in the sea | Alkyóna Beach

In cooperation with our partners, we're organizing the service chain beginning at your front door. Handicapped-accessible vehicles, drivers, wheelchair-accessible accommodations, and swimming wheelchairs are available.

Medical supply by specialists, hospitals in Katerini and Thessaloniki, as well as a dialysis unit are assured. If you need to see a doctor, we will take you there. English speaking specialists and assistants for caring and nursing are also available. We will gladly submit you a quote.

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Hotel Villa Sevasti

Alternative to our accommodations at Alkyóna Beach, we offer you the same services, excellent equipment and free transfers to the beach at Hotel Villa Sevasti.

Safe in the sea

Swimming lessons and activation programs for handicapped people are some of our unique services, which you won’t get anywhere else to this extent. Our beach is wheelchair-accessible so that everyone can learn to swim in this environment!