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Our extensive grounds with meadows, lakes and trees are located at the long and sandy beach of the Thermaic Gulf. Enjoy a unique holiday at the sea and choose between countless beautiful excursions into the nature and culture of Greece.

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Northern Greece
Makedonia Airport,
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Holiday Village

Alkyóna Beach is located close to the ancient city of Pydna, the last capital of Macedonia and port city of Alexander the Great. Mount Olympus is jutting out of the azure water of the Aegean Sea.

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The holiday region Pieria has countless orchards, forests, fields and beaches against the background of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki. Follow the tracks of Apostle Paul or Alexander the Great.

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Travel groups

Our well-kept grounds offer a lot of space for joint activities of travel groups as well as places of retreat. Our guests have access to versatile equipment like boats, bikes, match balls and more.

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Wheelchair accessibility

The entire beach and our accommodations are wheelchair-accessible. Aids and medical services are organized on request. Numerous attractions will guarantee you an eventful holiday.

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Respecting each person, regardless of age, origin and religion, is as important to us as a conscious treatment of nature. We promote creativity and provide space for personal development!

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